Flues & Fires

We have extensive knowledge in dealing with The Fireplace in period properties. If you require a flue liner, considering installing a multi-flue stove, the advice you get is indepenedent and easy to understand, enabling you to make the right decision.

The past two years have experienced the highest ever number of fires in Period properties primarily due to poorly maintained chimneys. In most cases, the results were devastating.  Now our Chimney Temperature Monitor - which can send out a two-stage alarm when a flue starts to overheat - will play a significant role in reducing these blazes.

Funding for the research and development that went into creating the Monitor was provided by homeowners from both Listed & Period Homes and the Thatched Owners Group with help through the Department of Trade and Industry. Managing director Tim New said that the idea for the invention came about after the association had discussions with homeowners, insurance underwriters and representatives from the electronics industry.

Laymans Guide to the Chimney

Laymans Guide

If you have any problems with your fireplace then our Laymans Guide may be able to help. By simply clicking on the button you can either look through our booklet or simply download it. If you would like a hard copy you can telephone our offices and we will send you one in the post.

Chimney Temperature Monitor - prevent fires in thatched cottages